Who We Are?

Historical Background

Lion roofing, a subsidiary of the multi award winning company Lion Aluminum Company Limited with the slogan “The Best from The Rest”, was established with a mission to solely provide total but completive roofing solutions to both the Ghanaian and the International community especially the West African sub-region like Republic of Togo, Republic of Benin and recently Burkina Faso.

Lion roofs are single panel, nail free strips of Aluzinc seamed together professionally with beautiful colors to choose from. This can withstand the tropical weather without the fear of fading, peeling or leakages in conformity with the parent company’s slogan of “The Best from the rest”.

The roofing panels are colour bonded to 55% Al-Zn with a grade quality of AZ150 coated with Polyester paint to prevent fading. The company’s products are manufactured in Taiwan but with customers persistent we have introduced BlueScope colour bond for our numerous customers to choose from. They are all of the same grade of AZ150 and uses Polyester paints.

The Company Mission

The mission of Lion Roofing is to supply quality uncompromised roofing materials to Ghana and beyond as a solution to the numerous roofing challenges customers are faced with.


The objective therefore is to give the customers the satisfaction they deserve in sleeping under a quality but competitive roof with the state of the art designs and colours to choose from.