The Company has a wide range of products all made from the purest and highest quality aluminum circles that one can obtain from Aluworks Ghana Ltd. The products fall within the following categories:

Lion Wash Basins (LBs) made up of eleven (11) different types. sizes and shapes of wash-basins.

Kitchen sets made up of different types of cooking utensils in series ranging from one-unit series to 7-unit series

Aluminum Pots, made up of different types of pots in varying series: MP54, MP37/47, MP37/54, RP, Lion Queen, LTB, L"I'BC, Lion2000.

Lion Fryers:

a. Frying Pans: FP22, FP25, FP27

b. Deep Fryers: DF, DFl, DF2

Lion Plates: LP2, LP3, LP4, LB25

Buckets: BB33, BB32, BB26, BB25