Share holders of Lion Aluminum Products Limited look forward to seeing the Company grow into a large business concern, with several related business units, all collectively but profitably contributing towards the attainment of corporate objectives.


With the aim of coping with the ever-changing factors in its external environment, to successfully compete, and to effectively assume a new and more challenging role, Lion Aluminum Products Ltd after ten years in operation redefines its mission as follows:

  1. Lion Aluminum Products Ltd is a private manufacturing and marketing firm. We are in business to manufacture all types of quality aluminum kitchen utensils to serve any manner of house hold purpose and sell them profitably but at affordable prices in Ghana as well as for export to other countries.
  2. We seek to create and sustain our presence in all parts of Ghana and extend beyond the frontiers of Ghana in order to bring our products to the doorsteps of our target clientele.
  3. We are committed to training and motivating our workforce in order to guarantee attainment of our objectives and growth of the business.
  4. We believe in the production of quality products at very competitive prices and within the purchasing power of our clientele.
  5. We aim at Total Quality Management to ensure that we attain excellence in all activities.